Helping you successfully acquire, grow and sell a business

Successfully operating a search fund is HARD! Searching for a company to buy and executing a transaction is a complex endeavor which forces a searcher to process enormous amounts of data, interpret confusing messaging from owners and investors, and navigate the ups and downs of a roller-coaster.

95%+ of entrepreneurs say that a search fund is harder than they thought it would be.

At ETA Equity, we make it easier for the search funds we invest in. We have searched, acquired, operated, and exited businesses AND invested in the search fund space for over 15 years. Our approach to providing feedback and guidance is to be as available to you and as transparent as possible.

Since 2012, our principals have invested in 70+ search funds. Below, you’ll find commentary from our search partners…

Matt and Mark with ETA Equity have proven to be great partners throughout all phases of my search and operations process. From the launch of my search fund through deal execution, they provided detailed feedback and support that helped me find and acquire what I believe to be a great business. Post-close, Matt has served as a Spivey Services board member where he has been an invaluable resource in guiding me through the early stages of my role as CEO. I’m thankful for the partnership and I’m confident that Matt and Mark have made me a better Searcher and Operator.

Wade Chipps, CEO

Spivey Services

ETA has been essential to my journey. I would not have even known of, much less considered trying, entrepreneurship through acquisition without my conversations with ETA. They introduced me to the concept and explained how it overlapped with my personal and professional objectives versus alternative approaches. They also introduced me to other investors they believed would make a good fit, simplifying my fundraise. Post launch, they have been excellent and active sources of advice, insights, information and feedback. Matt and Mark go out of their way to make sure we’re all successful at the end of the day.

D C Moore

D.C. Moore, Managing Partner

Griot Partners

ETA Equity has been an invaluable partner on my entrepreneurial journey. Their technology expertise provided critical insights that enabled us to modernize our operations efficiently. Their presence on our board has been instrumental, offering high-quality feedback and strategic guidance that has propelled our company forward. I'm grateful for their unwavering support and commitment to our success.

Jeff Brewer, CEO

Cornerstone Licensing Services

ETA Equity is a fantastic partner for any searcher. They are dedicated, always available, and incredibly thoughtful partners. They are also great at connecting searchers/operators across their portfolio who may have synergies in order to help everyone achieve their goals.

I would highly recommend working with them if you are thinking about embarking on the search path.

D C Moore

Ania Aliev, CEO

Life Support Systems

ETA Equity has been a tremendous partner throughout my entrepreneurship through acquisition journey. During the search, Matt and Mark were helpful sounding boards, and their guidance on industry theses and deal opportunities saved me lots of potentially wasted time. Once I found “the one,” I was grateful for their direct, transparent feedback. Wrangling a diverse investor group is hard, but I always knew where things stood with ETA Equity. Finally, as an operator, Matt and Mark give me room to run my business while remaining accessible as mentors. I couldn’t ask for better partners!

Cliff Nelson, CEO

PGS PsychoGeriatric Services

ETA Equity is one of the best Search Fund investor groups to partner with during your Search & Operating phases. Their team is experienced in operating a Search, acquiring a business, scaling the acquired company, and reaching a successful exit for its investors. With Malvern, ETA Equity was responsive, thoughtful, and supportive throughout all phases and workstreams (Search fundraising, Sourcing, LOI Negotiations, Due Diligence, Debt/Equity Raise, Seller Negotiations, etc.). I can’t say enough great things about Mark and Matt at ETA Equity. Their impact on my Search experience was immeasurable.

D C Moore

Jameel Francis, CEO

Kore Technologies

My experience with ETA equity has been great. Matt and Mark are always there when I need them. They have been willing to dedicate time, dive into the details and have been immensely helpful to avoid pitfalls on the process. I can always rely on them for good advice and am fortunate to have them as mentors throughout my search.

D C Moore

Maxime Aymonod, Founder

Alpex Capital

I am grateful to have ETA Equity on my cap table. Matt's generosity with his time and resources has been instrumental, while Mark's depth of operational experience brings a refreshing perspective. Both are genuine and committed partners. I look forward to our continued collaboration.

D C Moore

Kai Zhang, Founder

Moonlight Street

The guys at ETA Equity have been a helping hand in my search since I began fundraising - showing their ability to guide, brainstorm, and coach throughout the entire process. Since launching they've been just as helpful, partnering with me to think through strategies for the first 100 days of searching, ways of assessing new businesses, and drawing on their experience in search to help inform my decisions. Always responsive, with real insights into making the search process more enjoyable.

Chris Goyen, Managing Partner

Outback Ventures

It is important to be able to differentiate between an investor and a partner. Although at times being viewed as synonymous, the differences between the two are drastic and extremely important to appreciate. ETA Equity epitomizes the values of partnership, providing time, knowledge, and continued guidance above and beyond their capital investment to ensure the success of their teams. These qualities place ETA Equity in a league of their own, making them an invaluable resource to any searcher, regardless of their search stage.

Ameel Velji, Partner

Shorelife Brands

Matt was a great resource when I was thinking about how to start my fund, and as my first investor he was critical in helping me make connections throughout the industry. He and Mark have been accessible thought partners throughout my search, always offering to plug in where they can be helpful.

Kenny Friede, Founder & Principal

Apache Capital Management